Evaldas Gulbinas

Evaldas Gulbinas (born March 21, 1991) is a European fine artist and tattooist. His fine art practice includes sculptures, paintings, mixed media, and installations.

Early Life and Education

Gulbinas was born in Lithuania, . He got fascinated with art at a very young age and started studying art at the age of 4. Since his teenage years, he started seeing himself in the world of art.

Gulbinas formalized his passion for art by joining National M.K. Ciurlionis Art School in Vilnius, Lithuania at the age of thirteen. After moving to London, He pursued his passion further and completed his in Art and Design from . He acquired a BA honors in Fine Arts and Mixed Media from the University of Westminster.


Currently, Gulbinas creates mixed media artworks. He has worked as a professional tattoo artist for six years and has been featured in magazines such as “Skin Deep Tattoo”, “Total Tattoo”, and “Creates Magazine”.

His work is widely acknowledged and has been exhibited in famous art galleries including Espacio Gallery, Brick Lane Gallery, and at the Intrusion Exhibition. Gulbinas has received many accolades throughout college and university.

Notable Work

Gulbinas' famous work includes Geometric Impressions of Evaldas Gulbinas.

  • BORN

    March 21, 1991


    Fine artist, Tattooist


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